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5/8" Breakdown Bar Set


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Description Set #17 - 5/8" Breakdown Bar Set, 8-Rod-Piece Set This is the IDEAL set for the mobile tech when weight and space are an issue. This set comes in a custom handsome leather carrying case and makes 58+ different rod combinations. The durable leather case protects the tools inside and uses generously wide velcro joints to stay securely closed. With the interchangable A45 tipset for the B5S0 rod-end this set makes over 200 total variations of assembled work rods. A multitude of variations and configurations can be assembled, and the double sided screw-on tip can be used with tips on either one or both sides together. The rod sections are screwed together and tightened with the two set-wrenches. Simply align the through-pin-holes in the rod ends as you tighten them. Then knock a dowel pin through the aligned pinholes to lock the rods together. This process takes less than a minute per joint and allows these sections to work like a solid bar, and they are interchangeable! The lengths the set makes with 4 rod ends are: 36", 42", 48", 54", 60", 66" and 72" which is 3 foot to 6 foot in 6 inch increments! Includes: B5SB, B5DB, B5HB, B5SO, B5E1, B5E2, B5E3, B5HA, A45 Tipset, 2 x 9/16" Wrenches, 2 x Plastic V-Cut Blocks, 5/32" Pin Punch , 5/32" Lock Pins ,#10-32 setscrews with allen wrench, Custom Black Leather Case

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